Welcome to the Adventure of Cubes WikiEdit

Adventure of Cubes my gamemaker project.

Dont forget to check credits page:

What is this?Edit

In this wiki i will post EVERY updates of my game and of course the download links!


Q: Where to download this game?

A: Check out the updates page

Q: Is this free game?

A: Yes its fully free.

Q: Did it take long to make this game?

A: No, about 2 days.

Q: How many levels total will be made for this game?

A: 10-20 levels.

Q: Will you make Adventure of Cubes 2 after this?

A: Maybe.

Q: How you can make multiplayer games with gamemaker?

A: I downloaded the extension called Gamemaker server+ more information about that you can find from gamemaker server's webside.

Q: What version of gamemaker you used to create this game?

A: Gamemaker 8 pro.

Q: What version of gamemaker you will use to create Adventure of Cubes 2?

A: Gamemaker: Studio pro.

Q: Where to find information about adventure of cubes 2?

A: Adventure of cubes 2 page on this wiki:

Information of Adventure of CubesEdit

You are the green cube and you have to avoid falling from world and avoid the bad spikes.

Try to complete all levels with your friend.

Controlls for player1: up arrow to jump left arrow to move left right arrow to move right and down arrow in midair to make doublejump what is way smaller than normal jump.

Controlls for player2: W to jump A to move left D to move right and S in midair to make doublejump what is way smaller than normal jump.

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